The best thing in life is knitting.

Do you want to hear my story?
I've suffered from depression for several years now. Alternately, I have been working and then again been on a sick leave. Some days are better than others, some days are worse.. and some days are really, really bad. Depression has prevented me from going to work, seeing my friends and caring for myself, among many other things. It affects so many things in my life in so many ways. However, there is one thing my disease has not been able to influence and that is knitting. It is the only thing I do daily, despite my condition.

In January 2018 when I was once again at my doctor's, she said to me "What if you would consider a career change and switching to a totally different industry?"  Wow. That's when I first had the idea of starting Willamagia. In March 2018 I had enough courage to write down and publish my first pattern, Alkuja.

I'm learning to live, act and work within the limits of my illness. My dream and goal is to be able to make knitting and designing a full-time job for me one day.

And you know what..? I'm going to get there. One stitch at a time, with your support.


Here are my loyal assistants. They truly like to stick their noses everywhere and are more than happy to help me out with my knitting.





Brand name: Willamagia

Tmi Janita Marelle

VAT ID number: FI29555755